Spanish Bioethics Committee

Spanish Bioethics Committee

Members of the Spanish Bioethics Committee

La ministra de Sanidad, Carolina Darias, y el director del Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Cristóbal Belda, se reunieron el día 5 de octubre con los miembros del Comité de Bioética de España en su primera reunión presencial celebrada en el Ministerio de Sanidad.

The Spanish Bioethics Committee was created through Law 14/2007 of July 3rd on Biomedical Research (BOE July 4th) as a "collegiate, independent and consultative professional body, which will develop its responsibilities, with full transparency, on materials related to the social and ethical implications of Biomedicine and Health Sciences". The Committee was established on October 22nd 2008 and forms part of the Ministry of Health.

Its mission is to issue reports, proposals and recommendations for public authorities at state and regional level on matters related to the ethical and social implications of Biomedicine and Health Sciences. Equally, it is responsible for establishing the general principles for the production of codes of good practice in scientific research and for representing Spain in supranational and international forums and bodies involved in bioethics.

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